Current Issue

No 21 (2024)
Visions for Sustainability Number 21 (2024)
Published: 2024-06-21


  • Martin Dodman, Ramsey Affifi, Jean-Louis Aillon, Osman Arrobbio, Giuseppe Barbiero, Elena Camino, Laura Colucci-Gray, Enzo Ferrara, Silvano Folco
    21, 10434, 3-10

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Delgado Moreira, M.I. & Reyna Bowen J.L. (2024). Adaptation and mitigation actions for flood management. Application of the analytic hierarchical process in geographic information systems for flood risk assessment. Visions for Sustainability, 22, 10345, 1-18.    [PDF]

Putra, A.K., Al Khalidy, D., Irawan, L.Y., Wijaya, H.W., Mustika, S.N. & Yembuu, B. (2024). Student perceptions of environmental sustainability. Insights into green campus innovations and geospatial analysis at Universitas Negeri Malang. Visions for Sustainability, 22, 10250, 1-39.    [PDF]

Fayoumi, F.F. (2024). The aesthetics of recycling as an entry point for innovative artwork related to environmental issues. Visions for Sustainability, 22, 8958, 1-21.    [PDF]