Journal Information

Visions for Sustainability is an international indexed scientific journal published in open access by the University of Turin, Italy. The members of the editorial team are researchers from various countries and scientific backgrounds, all keenly interested in exploring, expanding and applying the concept of sustainability. Our aim is to facilitate the communication and exchange of ideas, discussions and research studies within this field and also explore new directions and links between all areas of human activity and enquiry and the concept of sustainability itself. We wish to promote a debate on ways in which the concept of sustainability can be addressed and applied to global and local issues of all kinds by researchers and scholars of natural, social, economic, political, and other sciences, as well as philosophical and humanistic disciplines, and thereby host as wide a range as possible of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives.

Our journal is intended for anyone interested in constructing interdisciplinary bridges or launching transdisciplinary enterprises that analyze and contribute to a deeper understanding of the complex and multiple dimensions of the relationship between earth life support systems, economy and technology, social processes and structures, and human and social sciences, and offer a vision of the significance the concept of sustainability brings to bear on them. Like an increasing number of academic journals that propose going across traditional disciplinary boundaries, we hope we can add a further space for this form of reciprocal exchange and be able to host and give equal status to reflexive theory and practice, empirical research, testimonies and personal experiences.

Our commitment is to ensure that the variety of the contributions is characterized by how authors make explicit the values underlying the visions expressed. Our focus is on examining relationships between paradigms and policies, people and praxes, on creating levels of awareness that enable going beyond current approaches, emphasizing the importance of human will as well as ability, empowering human beings to generate, share and use information as members of networks of knowledge builders and actors in their own right. We are pleased to publish position papers proposing theoretical visions for sustainability, research papers investigating specific issues related to sustainability and educational papers concerned with ways of promoting understanding of and acting for sustainability.