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No 19 (2023)
Published: 2023-06-21


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Vicente, M.M., Leitão, R., Quintino, V., Pombo, P., & Rodrigues, A.M. (2022) Urban vegetable gardens as an environmental education tool for promoting primary school students’ engagement in EU Green Deal strategies. Visions for Sustainability, 6994, 1-28.    [PDF]
Rota, N., Canedoli, C., Fava, M., & Padoa-Schioppa, E. (2023) Introducing children in the primary school to the concept of ecosystem services. Visions for Sustainability, 6960, 1-18.    [PDF
Azni, U.S., Alfitri, A., Yunindyawati, Riswani, & Pellizzoni, L. (2023) Model of community empowerment in utilizing Purun (Eleocharis dulcis) resources for sustainable handicrafts in Indonesia's rural peatland communities. Visions for Sustainability, 7384, 1-16.    [PDF]
Chisika, S., & Yeom, C. (2023) The perception of benefits from the 'adopt-a-forest' initiative in KenyaVisions for Sustainability, 7393, 1-35.    [PDF]
Nkomezi, A., Uwimbabazi, F., & Yeom, C. (2023) Socio-environmental impacts of landfill site in Nduba sector, Kigali, Rwanda. Visions for Sustainability, 7161, 1-33.    [PDF]
Bartoccioni, F., Lorenzi, C., & Sangiorgio, F. (2023) Sustainable food consumption and Nature conservation processes. Educational considerations. Visions for Sustainability, 7419, 1-18    [PDF]
Vivas Saltos, H.T., & Cedeño Vargas, M.B. (2023) Fishing industries' oily wastewater biodiesel performance. Visions for Sustainability, 7413, 1-20.   [PDF]
Guvenc, S.Y., Canikli, S., Can-Güven, E., Varank, G., Akbas, H.E. (2023). The carbon footprint of a university campus. Case study of Yildiz Technical University, Davutpaşa Campus, TurkeyVisions for Sustainability, 7317, 1-33.     [PDF]
Fedchyshyn,D., Ignatenko, I., Chyryk, A., Danilik, D. (2023) State regulation of sustainable development of rural areas in the system of food security of Ukraine. Visions for Sustainability, 7731, 1-23.   [PDF]
Chisika, S., Yeom, C. (2023) The challenges of sustainable conservation and management of mangrove forests in KenyaVisions for Sustainability, 7693 , 1-28.    [PDF]
Pla, A.H. (2023) Artificial space debris and Kessler syndrome. A limitation for humankind. Visions for Sustainability, 20, 7874, 1-22.    [PDF]
Hawke, S.M. (2023) The liberating theology of a planet’s beneficence: a possibility. Visions for Sustainability, 20, 7497, 1-18.    [PDF]
Jie, J., Tan, W.H. & Shi, W.Q. (2023) Fostering sustainability in China's textile industry. The role of education for sustainable development. Visions for Sustainability, 20, 7915, 1-25    [PDF]
Widjajanti, K., Lestari, R.I. & Sugiyanto, E.K. (2023) How the strategic to achieve corporate sustainable performance? The role of mergers, acquisitions and ownership integrations. Visions for Sustainability, 20, 7916, 1-28    [PDF]
Prajanti, S.D.W., Daud, D., Amin,S., Subiyanto, Adzim, F. (2023) A sustainable creative economy development model using a penta-helix approach based on local wisdom in Magelang City, Indonesia. Visions for Sustainability, 20, 7917, 1-37.    [PDF]
Sharma, S., Bukya, M. & Kumar, P. (2023) PVsyst modeling of 800 kWp capacity grid-tied solar photovoltaic power plant for academic institution. Visions for Sustainability, 20, 7941, 1-14.    [PDF]
Bagheri, M., Barfeh, D.G. & Hamisi, M. (2023) Building design based on zero energy approach. Visions for Sustainability, 20, 8109, 1-20.    [PDF]