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No 20 (2023)
Published: 2023-06-10


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Semova, D.J., Alonso, G.T., García, N.V., Mediavilla, J.C., Escuredo, A.C., Reyes, A. (2023) Young audiences and climate change. Communication analysis in different public arenas. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 8014, 1-19.    [PDF]
Jarrah, H.Y., Nser, K., Al Majali, S.A., Abdallahi, T. (2023). Sustainability Development Goals: overcoming barriers and catalysing innovation for a sustainable future. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 7944, 1-31.    [PDF]
Adzim, F., Santosa, P.B., Ngatindriatun, Irawan, Budiyono, R., Zakiah, W., Beatris, D. (2024). Comparison of environmental Kuznet Curve testing before and during the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 8623, 1-22.    [PDF]
Benito, J.L.B. (2023). The transcendence of the Roman Catholic Church’s Holy Bread. Bearer and usher of cultural sustainability. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 8043, 1-17    [PDF]
Harahap, H.A., Yonariza, Ridwan, E., Yuerlita (2023). Investigating wildlife crop pests and farmers' willingness to pay for pest management in the Batang Toru Forest, Indonesia. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 8416, 1-18    [PDF]
Minimol, M.C., Sebastian, F. (2023). Young people's awareness, perception, and attitude towards Sustainable Development Goals in India. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 8415, 1-20.    [PDF]
Melati, I.S., Wahjoedi, Mukhlis, I., Wahyono, H. (2023). Beyond the Global Warming issue. Understanding students’ motivations as volunteers in youth environmental community. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 8704,1-19.    [PDF]
Bukya, M., Sharma, S., Kumar, R., Mathur, A., N, G., Kumar, P. (2024). Electric vehicle grid demand: Potential analysis model and regional architectural planning approach for charging using PVsyst tool. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 8869, 1-24.    [PDF]
Ababulgu, G.J.,Birbirsa, Z.A., Wodajo, M.G. (2024). Sustainable performance of bottled water firms in Ethiopia: The role of green supply chain management. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 8829, 1-23.    [PDF]
MacGregor Pelikánová, R., Sani, M., Rubáček, F. (2024) Sustainable and responsible creation of shared values in the fast fashion industry. Visions for Sustainability, 21, 8873, 1-29.    [PDF]