Sharia Compliant “Possibility for Italian SMEs”

Keywords: Islamic finance, Sharia Compliant, SMEs, Sharia Indices, Sharia Compliant Screening.


Islamic Finance have been a flourishing phenomenon recently with a very high growth rates and countries worldwide are exerting efforts to introduce it as an alternative financial system especially after proving its stability in the last financial crisis. Introducing the Islamic finance in Italy would be very important step with high potential opportunities due to the creation of investment opportunities, increase of liquidity, accessing Arab sovereign funds, and promoting integration policies for immigrants. Understanding the current nature of the Italian companies in particular the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and by testing their eligibility of being Sharia compliant in this paper; which is a fundamental step for exploring the feasibility of adapting them to the Islamic financial system and therefore the possibility for financing them through Islamic financial instruments; had proved its validity with an optimal results whether on the screening process or the performance and profitability measures.
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Biancone, P. P., & Radwan, M. (2015). Sharia Compliant “Possibility for Italian SMEs”. European Journal of Islamic Finance, (1).

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