The Concept, Structure and Epistemological Development: Musharakah Tijariah Cross-Border Financing

  • Azrul Azlan Iskandar Mirza
  • Ahmad Saufe Nawi
Keywords: Islamic Finance, Musharakah, Qard, Wakalah, Crross-Border Financing, Project and Contract Financing, Joint Venture, Blockchain.


Musharakah Tijariah Cross-Border Financing (“Product”) is the product to enable the Bank to undertake projects and contract cross-border financing activities or other identified business ventures on “pure” Joint Venture basis, using the underlying Islamic financing contract, structure and epistemological development that are expected to inject greater Musharakah concept, structure and epistemological development and also that is expected to inject greater prosper to the Bank’s overall performance and ultimately able to assist small time landowners in a big way through business risk sharing. This paper also provides the link of financial access for Muslim Small Medium Entrepreneurs to Islamic venture capital as alternative financing business innovation with blockchain strategies.


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