Young people's awareness, perception, and attitude towards sustainable development goals in India

  • M.C. Minimol Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod, India
  • Sebastian Francis Rajagiri Business School, Kerala, India
Keywords: Sustainable development goals; awareness; attitude; perception; value propositions; worldviews; ecocentrism; anthropocentrism


To understand how young people's attitudes toward sustainable development goals are formed, this research examines the roles that awareness, perception, and personal value propositions play. We have also tried to investigate the role that worldviews play in young people's attitude development. Our research showed that, in addition to people's knowledge, which is important in fostering a better attitude toward the SDGs, their value propositions and worldviews are also essential in understanding it. We found that people with anthropocentric worldviews will specifically have a better attitude toward and perception of sustainable development goals. The study's findings add to the body of knowledge already available on sustainable development goals by offering empirical proof of the relationship between knowledge, perception, value propositions, worldviews, and attitudes toward such goals. This study also revealed that young people's value propositions have a significant impact on how they feel about and perceive sustainable development goals. Therefore, it is crucial to develop policy-level interventions that could result in better human values among young people.

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