Sustainable food consumption in Nature conservation processes

Educational considerations

  • Flavia Bartoccioni
  • Caterina Lorenzi
  • Franca Sangiorgio


The topic of an agricultural production that respects natural ecosystems is currently very relevant, as it is being tackled by international agencies such as FAO and IPCC, focusing on the double link between biodiversity conservation processes and sustainable agriculture, creating a virtuous circular process. In this context, the adoption of sustainable eating habits, which heavily relies on educational processes, is indispensable. Our contribution describes the relationship between nature conservation and food consumption within a sustainability framework, while also reflecting on the potential impact of educational projects on sustainable food consumption items through a literature analysis. To minimize the impact of food consumption on nature, we propose some considerations on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) environmental education concerning: the potential of SCP nodes in the environmental conceptual education network; the potential of SCP environmental education in the framework of food availability; the pro-environmental behavior research concerning SCP.

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