Decentralization to decarbonize the Indian economy

  • Ajay Shankar
  • Mahipal Bukya
Keywords: Net-zero, Decarbonization, Decentralization, Economy, Renewable Energy


Renewable energy plays an important role in India's energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Energy generated at the centralized level has significant shortcomings, and environmental concerns drive a shift to decentralized energy. India is a developing country; renewable energy power generation promotion is very important to make awareness among consumers and retailers. India's energy transition and decarbonization agenda aim to build a new clean energy system that is reliable, affordable, sustainable, and energy independent.  The Indian government has taken several initiatives to increase domestic manufacturing capacity, particularly solar PV, electric vehicles, and batteries. This paper aims to present significant achievements through different RE schemes, projections, and India’s ambition of net zero through the current policy in place concerning the decentralized use of renewable technologies prospects.

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