Bibliometric analysis of the transformation in air logistics operations in terms of digitalization and sustainability

  • Volkan Yavas Ege University - Aviation Higher Vocational School 35414 İzmir/Turkey
  • Yesim Deniz Ozkan-Ozen Yasar University - Department of Logistics Management 35100 İzmir/Turkey


Digitalization and sustainability are essential in today’s globalized business environment. Within the logistics sector, aviation plays a critical role in this dynamic environment by enabling rapid, safe transportation worldwide. While applying new approaches, air logistics processes should incorporate the tech-nologies and applications enabled by digitalization, and consider environmental, social, and economic sustainability impacts. These can be mutually beneficial in that new digital technologies can reduce environmental impacts, make a social contribution, and increase economic gains. While there is rapidly expanding literature about integrating these concepts for various purposes in different sectors, applications in air logistics are particularly promising. Accordingly, this study contributes to digital and sustainable air logistics research by iden-tifying current trends, revealing gaps in knowledge, and proposing future research directions. To do so, a literature review and a bibliometric analysis were conducted using VosViewer software. As a result, five potential research areas were proposed.

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