Introduction to FLE (Français Langue Étrangére)

  • Patricia Kottelat Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature straniere e Culture moderne-Università di Torino


This paper is an introduction to FLE, French as a Foreign Language, as it has been illustrated to secondary school teachers during the TEdu course. In this brief overview, we present the potentialities of this disciplinary and research field, highlighting the articulation between theory and didactic practice, so as to enrich the pedagogical practices of teachers, with a specific focus on the linguistic corpus and the didactic application of large oral corpora of spoken French.

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Kottelat, P. (2023). Introduction to FLE (Français Langue Étrangére). RiCOGNIZIONI. Rivista Di Lingue E Letterature Straniere E Culture Moderne, 10(19).