Information For Readers

RiCognizioni (ISSN 2384-8987) is an open access, peer review journal hosting research on modern languages, literature and culture from both a disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective. Its aim is to stimulate a dialogue between related scientific fields and encourage contact between different approaches.

The journal welcomes contributions from scholars and young researchers on:

  1. writers, movements, world cultures
  1. new and still unexplored areas of language, literature and culture

CrOCEVIA features papers dealing with different linguistic and cultural domains, converging around a common thematic core

InCONTRI hosts debates on current issues related to the social and cultural scene in the form of a round table forum

ItINERARI is a miscellaneous section with contribution from different areas of language, literature and culture

PaSSAGGI features unpublished translations and provides a critical forum on the role of translators

SeGNALI offers readers conference reports, book reviews and information about ongoing research projects