Maria Lai, Maurizio Saiu e il rimosso coreografico

Il sasso e la parola, un caso di studio “archeologico”

Keywords: New Dance, Italy, Sardinia, Maria Lai, Choreography


In the case study discussed in the article, the author focuses on a project that has been little or not at all treated so far in Maria Lai’s artistic biography: Il sasso e la parola (The Stone and the Word), realized in Cagliari in 1991. An event characterized by being almost the only production conceived by Maria Lai in which, thanks to the collaboration with artists coming mainly from the field of contemporary and experimental dance, the scenic performance, although in a simplified operation of “total theater” that summons didactics of art, theatrical expression, visual and installation dynamics, music and poetry, nevertheless assumes an original and removed choreographic importance. A fact that, moreover, connects Lai’s path to that, in some ways analogous in terms of sensitivity and separateness, of Maurizio Saiu, a Sardinian and a historical exponent of new Italian dance.


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Author Biography

Fabio Acca, University of Turin

Fabio Acca is a curator, critic, and scholar of performing arts. From 2001 to 2022, he carried out teaching and research activities at the Department of Music and Performing Arts (later Arts) at the University of Bologna. Since 2022, he has been a Senior Researcher at the Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences at the University of Turin, where he teaches Social Theater. He has published articles, essays, edited volumes, and monographs, focusing primarily on the historical aspects of New Theater and New Dance in Italy. Among his recent publications are: Doing Artaud. The Theatre of Cruelty in Italy 1935-1970 (Editoria & Spettacolo, 2019); Amphibious scene and choreographic practices of the present (in «Culture Teatrali», n. 30, 2021); and, with Lucia Amara, Dancing with legs and head. School, dance and composition in the choreographic art of Claudia Castellucci (in «Acting Archives», n. 25, 2023).

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Acca, F. (2023). Maria Lai, Maurizio Saiu e il rimosso coreografico: Il sasso e la parola, un caso di studio “archeologico”. Mimesis Journal, 12(2), 95-125.