Between dance, museum and video: dialogic strategies in a multi-voice encounter

Keywords: dance, performance, museum, site-specific, screendance


Starting from an original vocation entirely dedicated to the conservation, valorization and enjoyment of artworks, in recent decades, public museum spaces have increasingly opened up to hosting dance performance events. The interaction between museum and dance has led to a more excellent articulation of the possibilities of fruition of both, testing new configurations of mixing choreography and figurative arts, experimenting with dynamics of exchange and overlap of the respective audiences, and suggesting a rereading and reinterpretation of the spaces exhibition. The article intends, through the analysis of some recent experiences, to explore some of the effects of this dialogue between dance and museum, with particular reference to the role that a further subject has played in it: videographic and cinematographic art. Particular attention was therefore paid to the use of screendance as a preferential language for the documentation and dissemination of the dance performance interventions planned and implemented in museum spaces. The recording of the performances in a new artistic video product, with its expressive language born from the meeting of choreographic art and cinematographic art, takes on, in these cases, the value of mediation between the ephemeral dimension inherent to dance and the tendency towards archiving and to the conservation over time typical of the museum dimension


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Author Biography

Xiao Huang, Indipendent Researcher

Xiao Huang is currently a Distinguished Researcher at the Beijing Dance Academy, She received her Ph.D. in Visual, Performing and Media Arts from the University of Bologna - Alma Mater Studiorum, and her Master’s Degree in Contemporary Dance from the National Dance Academy in Rome. As an artist, she performed at Art Basel 2019 in Switzerland and The 59th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia.

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