V. 12 N. 1 (2019): Italian Philosophy from Abroad

The past few years have attested to the emergence of a new area of interest among scholars of continental thought, namely, the increased presence and popularity of Italian philosophy. Due in part to linguistic barriers, much of the philosophical work of Italian thinkers has remained largely unknown outside of Italy, accessible to and accessed by only a small number of specialized scholars. To remedy in part this situation, the Society for Italian Philosophy (SIP: https://www.societyforitalianphilosophy.org/) was founded approximately four years ago outside of Italy, on the North-American continent, with the primary goal of promoting Italian thinking, broadly understood as consisting of both its historical content and its more recent expressions. The essays gathered in this volume of Trópos comprise a sample of the work carried out by SIP and represent, for the most part, work done outside of Italy, which now comes back into the Italian scholarly context, thereby facilitating a dialogue across oceans and testifying to the international movement what is Italian philosophy today.

Pubblicato: 2019-12-01

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