Quale universale per l’interculturalità?

Riflessioni a margine di una filosofia nell’intercultura

  • Emanuela Magno Università di Padova
Parole chiave: Intercultural Philosophy, Universality, Lógos, Aporia, Asymmetry, Translation


The essay aims to examinate the problematic concept of “Universal”, especially in the context of the enunciations and practices of the Theories of interculturality. Indeed, although these theories have reached full awareness of the “asymmetry” underlying any dialogical proposal between cultures, nonetheless they necessarily continue to rely in some way on the universalistic tension of lógos. The first part of the essay outlines the terms of the problem and defines the equivocalness and contradictory nature of the universalistic instance of philosophy; in the second part a hypothesis is presented for reformulating the “intercultural universal” in the terms of a specific paradigm of the “singular universal”, which is that of translation.