La costruzione psicologica dell’universale: epistemologia genetica e globalizzazione

  • Alfonso Di Prospero Ricercatore Indipendente
Parole chiave: Induction, GLobalization, Non-monotonic reasoning, Epistemic Context, Meridian Thought, Uluru Statement from the Heart


Jean Piaget’s genetic epistemology concerns many issues. One among them is the construction of a socially shared dimension of meanings. My proposal is to rely on this view to offer some suggestions useful for the research on the globalization, since what we should do in this historic moment is to try to build a larger sense of intersubjectivity, on a global scale. Piaget’s approach is interpreted in inductivistic terms. Since induction is seen as a non-monotonic inference, the entailments from this premise for the problem of the relations between different cultures is investigated.