The Growing Block and the Problem of the Continuum

  • Shira Yechimovitz Tel Aviv University


The orthodox approach to time states it to be a continuum. In this paper I aim to show that the growing block model poses a unique problem to the continuity of time, on account of it being a hybrid A-B-theory. Tension lies in the fact that a continuous B-theoretical block is built through the A-theoretical becoming of instantaneous slices of present. First, I show that a continuous growing block necessitates a present with zero temporal duration; second, I show that such notion of present rules out some widely accepted B-theoretical solutions to the problem of the continuum, while its commitment to the B-theory rules out some of the A-theoretical ones. Finally, I will discuss possible consequences.

Biografia autore

Shira Yechimovitz, Tel Aviv University

Shira Yechimovitz è una studentessa del Master of Arts al Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas della Tel Aviv University. Le sue ricerche al momento sono incentrate sullo studio dell'ordine temporale e della sua direzione nell'ambito della filosofia teoretica.

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Yechimovitz, S. (2020). The Growing Block and the Problem of the Continuum. Philosophy Kitchen - Rivista Di Filosofia Contemporanea, (13), 85-98.