Orrore e metamorfosi nei frammenti del teatro eschileo


Francesco Carpanelli


The situation relating to the fragments of Aeschylus, despite the valuable studies of recent years, is in difficult conditions to say the least. This work seeks to investigate perhaps one of the author’s most fascinating aspects: his relationship with the supernatural world and with mystery in general (Athamas, Glaucus of Potniae, Ixion and Perrhaebian Women, Phorcides and Polydectes, Phineus, Ghost-Raisers, Glaucus the Sea-God, Archeresses, Daughters of the Sun, Callisto). An attempt has therefore been made to synthesize what derives directly from what remains to us and to hypothesize, where possible, a credible reference plot from a philological point of view. Every little piece that we can place in its rightful place helps us to give new life not only to Aeschylus but also to little-known myths, the subject of dramas considered for centuries as a simple name. It is only a step aimed at identifying the right direction in the Aeschylean corpus.


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Carpanelli, F. (2022). Orrore e metamorfosi nei frammenti del teatro eschileo. Frammenti Sulla Scena (online), 3(1), 126-181. Recuperato da https://ojs.unito.it/index.php/fss/article/view/8196