Cicerone retore e oratore

  • Virgilio Paladini Centro di Studi Ciceroniani


The paper examines the evolution over the years firstly of Cicero's rhetorical work and secondly of his oratorical work. The author thus compares the evolution of the former, which moves from the brevitas of the De inventione through the elocutio of the De oratore to finally arrive at the middle way represented by the Partitones oratoriae and the Topica, with that of the latter, which in turn starts from asianism and then arrives at demosthenic atticism. In this way, therefore, the ways in which Cicero put into practice in the orations the theoretical thought expressed in the rhetorical works are examined.

[Marcello Benazzo, PCTO 2022, Liceo Cavour Torino]


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