Vol. 22 No. 2
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“Family Medicine: Who, Why and How”. The experience of the elective teaching activity in general medicine of the second year students of Humanitas University

Luigi Maria Bracchitta
Humanitas University
Published May 8, 2023
  • Family practice, Primary health care, Undergraduate education, Early clinical exposure



There is ample evidence to support the importance of general medicine as a field of study in ensuring both individual and collective health, as well as the necessity of including general medicine teaching in degree programs in Medicine and Surgery. Additionally, Early Clinical Exposure (ECE) is an effective and widely recommended learning method.

The feasibility, acceptability and applicability of an Elective Teaching Activity in general medicine for second year Medicine and Surgery students were verified.



With the aim of increasing student awareness of the function of general medicine in the NHS and encouraging future conscious decision-making, the initiative called for four theoretical-practical sessions on the GP's skills followed by a two-week clerkship at their clinic.

The project's development was tracked through closed-ended and open-ended surveys.



The conclusion that the experience has exceeded expectations and that the view of many things has improved comes out in the exit questionnaires nearly unanimously, and represents an indirect measure of learning. Additionally, results show that, even in the second year, it is possible to acquire comprehension of the clinical situation in the field, aiding in the application of previously retained theoretical information and inspiring students to pursue the profession.



The learning environment of the second year of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery has proven to be viable, appreciated, and relevant for this mixed classroom/clinical setting of learning.