Vol. 22 No. 2
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Art therapy as a teaching methodology in the course: "Living death: emotional impact on operators". The formative planning from the detection of the needs to the evaluation of the outcomes.

Beatrice Marchionni
Libero professionista
Vanessa Albertini
Arteterapeuta specializzata presso la sc
Catia Birgolotti
Arteterapeuta specializzata presso la sc
Loredana Birgolotti
Nurse - ASUR AV 1 Pesaro Marche
Published May 8, 2023
  • Art therapy Evaluation of outcomes Living death


Introduction: continuous training has won a crucial place within the health organization, the training courses must however be well designed and applied all the steps of the planning from the detection of the needs, to the planning, to the evaluation of the learning but also of outcomes and relapses. The purpose of this work is to apply all the steps of the training planning to the company course “Living death: emotional impact in operators” and evaluate the results. Method: art therapy was chosen as the teaching methodology, the Kirkpatrick model was adopted for the evaluation. Results: 4th editions were held between 2018/19 with fifty-six participants. For the evaluation of learning, the documents produced were evaluated. To evaluate the outcomes and relapses, questionnaires were administered on two qualitative and quantitative levels (Likert scale) created ad hoc before and after the course and a follow-up at six months.Discussion: the specific objectives that the course had set for analysis of the answers given above all by the follow-up are achieved. The methodology was effective and congruent with the topic covered by the course, the use of expressive materials allowed the participants to find new ways of approaching the issue of death, at least half of the professionals who participated during the course they changed the behaviors under investigation the learning took place and that certainly this has positively influenced the working reality