Vol. 21 No. 2
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Il cambiamento della pratica pro­fessionale in seguito a formazio­ne in ambito ICF: L’esperienza decennale dell’Associa­zione “La Nostra Famiglia” di Cone­gliano

Ilaria Pianon
Associazione La Nostra Famiglia
Monica Pradal
Associazione La Nostra Famiglia
Luca Visentin
ULSS 2 Marca Trevigiana della Regione Veneto
Published March 28, 2022
  • Key words. ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health), Rehabi­litation Centers, Organization and Administration


Objective: After 10 years, the management of the Association “La Nostra Famiglia” (Co­negliano) wanted to measure the effect of the ICF trainings on daily work. So the aim of the study is to detect if and how much the clinical and rehabilitative practice was chan­ged through the daily use of ICF as an interdisciplinary tool.

Methods: To reach this aim a questionnaire was delivered to the professionals who have taken part in trainings between 2006 and 2017. The questions were about the changes introduced after the trainings.

Results: The complete study revealed that: 51% professionals who work in La Nostra Fa­miglia in Conegliano have and use regularly tools made up with ICF language. ICF has been a common language between professionals: 50% consider it an advantage for the daily work and communication; there is even now an opposition (32%) to the sharing of this culture; perhaps the causes are the difficulty to change attitudes and to understand the relevance of the new bureaucratic performances needed.

Discussion. The data collected indicate that the attitude of professionals is substantially positive with respect to the implementation of the ICF, despite some resistance, to be mainly attributed to the difficulties of making a new model of work its own.

In the next years the management should evaluate how mantain the professionals update and identify strategies to reinforce the use of ICF in the rehabilitation practice.