DeepDream Aesthetics.

Algorithmic Pareidolia and AI Creativity

  • Gregorio Tenti Università di Torino / Universität zu Köln
Parole chiave: AI Aesthetics, Computational Aesthetics, Algorithmic Creativity, Artificial Unconscious, Style


DeepDream is a computer vision program designed to make associations starting from a given image; these associations are based on its training, that is its recognition “habits”. The aim of this article is to analyze DeepDream’s specific functioning as an example of non-human imaginative behavior endowed with its own visual style (par. 1). This claim is substantiated by a non-anthropocentric perspective on style (par. 2) and creativity (par. 3). Style is conceptualized as an encounter between different factors (such as function, form, context and materials) occurring within a problematic field; creativity, on the other hand, is referred to the systemic capacity of entering a process of self-organization resulting in an act of individuation.