Immagini, materia e oggetti

  • Andrea Osti Università di Torino / Collège des Bernardins, Paris
Parole chiave: Materiality, Objects, Phenomenology, Derealization


This paper delves into an examination of the relationship between images, materiality, and objects, employing diverse approaches to critically engage with this nexus. Drawing upon the phenomenology of images articulated by Husserl and Sartre, the study explores the transformative shifts and prominent historical paradigms shaping the conceptualization and interaction with images and their corresponding desires – spanning from idols to icons and artistic works. Expanding upon Benjamin’s thesis, it advances a framework to comprehend the evolving status of “technical” images through the concept of “cleavage” between the image’s support and the image-object, aligning this perspective with derealization theories that construe the proliferation of images as a loss of reality. Ultimately, the paper provides an interpretation of the distinctive phenomenon of digital images and their potential object status, contextualized within emerging practices, advocating for a stance in favor of digital materialism.