La rivoluzione ai tempi del postmoderno

  • Gian Vito Zani Università degli Studi di Torino
Parole chiave: Postmodern, Revolution, Event, Resistance, Lyotard


The following article highlights the characteristics of the concept of Revolution and Resistance in Lyotard’s postmodern paradigm. To do this, the revolutionary practice is analysed from three different perspectives: that of the actors, that of the spectators, and that of the theorists of the revolution. Each of these perspectives brings with it a different concept of revolution, with a different concept of time. These three perspectives are radically modified in postmodernism and its reading of the revolutionary event: some perspectives maintain continuity with the past, others, like that of the revolution theorist, are no longer conceivable within the postmodern paradigm. Finally, the article tries to investigate in what way we can think and act the resistance and the revolution in the contemporary age.