La rivoluzione è possibile

Il concetto di rivoluzione tra radicamento, storicità e autorità

  • Paolo Furia Università degli Studi di Torino
Parole chiave: Revolution, Hermeneutics, Gadamer, Lenin, Temporality


Gadamer’s critical remarks on the Enlightenment’s claims against prejudice raise some questions: isn’t it true that revolution too has a tradition in which it has been thought? Therefore, isn’t it true that it owes something to a historical context, that can justify it and give it a sense? As far as a revolutionary subject is concerned: isn’t it true that its political purposes are strongly influenced by an inherited historical background? Gadamer’s point of view on Enlightenment foreshadows a critical approach philosophical hermeneutics has any historical attempts at subverting a given order and at interrupting historical continuity. After having summarized Gadamer’s means of distrust of revolution, we will discuss some texts Lenin wrote in April 1917 as a good example of how time and order can be conceived from the point of view of a Marxist–Hegelian intellectual directly engaged in a revolutionary process. The unusual confrontation between the hermeneutical distrust of revolution and some reflections of revolutionary types will help reconfigure the problem.