La politica come rivoluzione antropologica

  • Emanuele Profumi Università di Pisa
Parole chiave: Castoriadis, Revolution, Politics, Autonomy, Political Creation


To analytically refute the thesis of Axel Honneth on the Cornelius Castoriadis’ concept of revolution allows to identify different ideas of revolution that mark his philosophical–political horizon. After the publication of his main book, The Imaginary Institution of Society (1975), Castoriadis distinguishes the ideas of Social–historical and human autonomy to prevent building a political ontology. On this basis, he affirms a new idea of revolution at the beginning of the decade of 80s: revolution is a general and instituting political practice. At the base of the “Project of Autonomy” there is Politics, understood as a social–historical creation that establishes autonomy on a collective level. Through a precise analysis of his thesis, we can affirm that this idea can be expressed by the concept of “political creation”, and we can highlight it is based on the philosophical category of anthropological transformation. Despite its validity, the idea of “political creation” must be rethought.