Il desiderio dell’immagine

Scrittura e visione in Maurice Blanchot

  • Rolando Longobardi Università degli Studi di Torino
Parole chiave: word, image, Blanchot, death, yearning, disaster, corpse


Western philosophy has always posed the question about which would be the best way to communicate reality. The problem is not only to understand it, but also to find the right tool to make it more approachable. It must not be forgotten that before the word entered in use there was the language of vision. It is upon this philosophical reflection that Maurice Blanchot focuses its aesthetic thought. His reflection upon the subject issue of writing cannot leave unquestioned its antecedent: the image. The image, which gives the object meaning in order to fulfil its path of existence and hence culminating in the inevitable event of death. The death of the image as a necessary exchange in order to give life to writing. Man turning towards the understanding of the world into which he intends to live, manifested while a desire for completeness and a disaster of awareness. Same root; oriented towards heaven and destined to appear alone on the horizon.