Chirpaz e l'ambiguità del Leib

  • Andrea Nicolini Università di Milano
Parole chiave: Chirpaz, Leib, Sinngebung, Incarnation, Objective-Subjective Relation, Historical Truth


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problems related to the concept of Leib. Being incarnated in a body is an unavoidable condition for a human being. My body is not simply an object I can observe, but it's (also) me: I certainly have a body, but I also am my body. Some experiences, such as struggling, pain and sickness, can show the inner ambiguity of incarnation as a difficult tie between my self, my consciousness, and my body. The paper tries to highlight these problematical aspects face to the subjective/ objective polarity and the concept of Sinngebung. In this perspective, the analysis pays specific attention to Chirpaz' book Le corps, in which the philosopher expresses a distinctively peculiar position in contemporary French Philosophy.