La prima ipotesi

Una proposta interpretativa del passo 137c – 142a del Parmenide di Platone

  • Adalberto Coltelluccio Liceo "Pascasino" di Marsala


This work has as its object of analysis the first hypothesis on the One of Plato's Parmenides, and highlights its structurally aporetic and even paradoxical aspects. These aspects, howewer, are not to be regarded as something to be eliminated. The reading I propose supports the necessary transgression of logical axioms, because in Parmenides is to discuss the absolute principle as the One considered as itself, and any discussion on the absolute always leads to insoluble aporias. Some thesis of the essay can be traced back to a hermeneutic perspective, like that of Damascius, who has always emphasized the continuous overthrow of speech in the Parmenides.