Fichte e l'idea della filosofia trascendentale come dottrina della scienza

  • Gaetano Rametta Università di Padova
Parole chiave: Fichte, Transcendental, Knowledge, Life, Wisdom


The present essay tries to show the theoretical structures in Fichte's Berliner Doctrine of Science («Wissenschaftslehre»). The peculiar character of Fiche's notion of «Transcendental Philosophy» consists in the subordination of Subjectivity (e. g. the «absolut I» as First Principle in the Grundlage 1794/95) towards a higher Principle, which is symbolized by the word «Life». In this context, «Life» means the impersonal and infinite connection between Being and Becoming, mediated through Philosophical Consciousness. «Wisdom» is the name for the culmination of this Unity, that is the explication and realization of Philosophical Thinking in a new way of «Seeing» and Acting in each one's concrete Experience.