La grande migrazione online. Costi e opportunità

  • Juan Carlos De Martin Politecnico di Torino


In the last three decades, many human activities have migrated online: some completely, others only partially – even if the latter were strongly influenced by the digital revolution too. Other activities have kept their physicality while gaining a digital extension, with variable and unprecedented results. As any social mutation, this is a gradual process characterised by great achievements as well as by important failures; a process changing both our life and global power politics. Under this respect, March 2020 represents a turning point: by experiencing the first so-called “lockdown”, in a few weeks the physical life of millions of Italians was transferred online – partially or even entirely. What exactly happened? Who succeeded in this migration, who failed, and why? Which were, are, and will be the consequences? Have we learned anything? And, most importantly: eighteen months after the beginning of this Great Online Migration, how do we want to shape our future?

Biografia autore

Juan Carlos De Martin, Politecnico di Torino

Docente ordinario al Politecnico di Torino,dove co-dirige il Centro Nexa su Internet e Società. Dal 2011 è associato al Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society della Harvard University. Ha ideato e co-curato il Festival della Tecnologia (2019) ela prima edizione della Biennale Tecnologia (2020).

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De Martin, J. C. (2021). La grande migrazione online. Costi e opportunità. Philosophy Kitchen - Rivista Di Filosofia Contemporanea, (15), 63-78.