Limit Deciding Dispositions. A Metaphysical Symmetry-Breaker for the Limit Decision Problem

  • Florian Fischer Universität Siegen


There are basically four options to which state the limiting instant in a change from one state to its opposite belongs – only the first, only the second, both or none. This situation is usually referred to as the limit decision problem since all of these options seem troublesome: The first two alleged solutions are asymmetric and thus need something to ground this asymmetry in (a symmetry-breaker); while the last two options leave the realm of classical logic. I argue that including the debate about dispositions enables new options for solutions to the temporal limit decision problem. Metaphysical considerations function as a symmetry-breaker and thus remove the need for a non-classical solution. Dispositions bring about the changes in the world, so they constitute the metaphysical background for the instant of change. In particular, I argue that according to the triadic process account of dispositions, the limiting instant belongs to the second interval and only the second interval.

Biografia autore

Florian Fischer, Universität Siegen

Florian Fischer è post-doc all'Università di Siegen. I suoi interessi di ricerca abbracciano la metafisica, la logica e la filosofia della scienza. I suoi lavori si sono concentrati in particolare sui problemi concernenti la natura del tempo: l'esistenza temporale, la persistenza, la causazione (con specifica attenzione alle disposizioni).  

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Fischer, F. (2020). Limit Deciding Dispositions. A Metaphysical Symmetry-Breaker for the Limit Decision Problem. Philosophy Kitchen - Rivista Di Filosofia Contemporanea, (13), 129-140.