L’isomorfismo nel "Tractatus logico-philosophicus": il caso dell’identità

  • Ludovica Conti Università degli Studi di Torino


The notion of isomorphism provides an important key to understand the picture theory of language, as given in Tractatus logico-philosophicus. This paper discusses the thesis of isomorphism between language and world, surveying a particular issue of Wittgenstein’s proposal, that is the issue about the notion of identity: if we accept an interpretation of the picture-theory as based on the isomorphism between the world and the language, the refusal of identity’s sign (as predicative term of the language) have to correspond to a parallel metaphisical rejection. This paper argues that this metaphysical rejection concern Leibniz’s law about the identity of indiscernibles.

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Conti, L. (1). L’isomorfismo nel "Tractatus logico-philosophicus": il caso dell’identità. Philosophy Kitchen - Rivista Di Filosofia Contemporanea, (6). https://doi.org/10.13135/2385-1945/3853
C. Isomorfismo e identità