Note per una critica concettuale della teoria strategica

  • Lorenzo Palombini Independent Researcher


In this paper we will develop a critical point of view on the traditional concept of war. We will analyze the fundamental conceptual structure of traditional strategic thought, focusing on the conceptual grounding and specific traits of the rationality it deploys, and then try to deconstruct such rationality by questioning key notions it presupposes, such as the notion of “enemy”, from a psycho-analytic and anthropologic perspective. We will draw from the work of Gregory Bateson and Franco Fornari in order to construct our critical argument, and then try to underline briefly the many aspects of modern warfare that reveal the obsolescence of the mainstream perspective on war.

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Palombini, L. (1). Note per una critica concettuale della teoria strategica. Philosophy Kitchen - Rivista Di Filosofia Contemporanea, (3).