The sleep of the good: Meditation on buddho in the Sudattasutta and its aṭṭhakathā

  • Giuliano Giustarini Mahidol University


This paper addresses the Sudattasutta of the Pāli Yakkhasaṃyutta and its direct commentary (aṭṭhakathā), both extremely significant in outlining meditative techniques that entail the figure of the Buddha as their object in order to arouse and cultivate wholesome factors of the path to liberation, such as faith and joy. These practices, applied to a variety of meditative techniques, have become popular in contemporary South-East Asia and, to some extent, in contemporary Theravāda worldwide. The examination of the Sudattasutta and its aṭṭhakathā— with the original translation of the latter—will shed light upon the dawn of this contemplative practice and of the cultural background behind it.


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Author Biography

Giuliano Giustarini, Mahidol University

Giuliano Giustarini (Mahidol University) focuses his research on the Buddhist Suttapiṭaka and Abhidhammapiṭaka with their commentaries. Among his recent publications: (2024) ‘The concept of pariyogāhaṇa in the epistemology of the Paṭisambhidāmagga: An immersion in knowledge and liberation’ in Chiara Neri e Francesco Sferra (eds.). Teaching Awareness in the Buddhist Tradition - Essays in Honour of Professor Corrado Pensa. Sheffield: Equinox Publishing, United Kingdom. pp. 14-28. ISBN 9781800503311. (2023) ‘Notes on the satipaṭṭhānas in the Vibhaṅga Mūlaṭīkā’, Journal of Indian Philosophy, 51 (2-3): 77–95, DOI: 10.1007/s10781-022-09529-x.

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