Diglossia araba tra passato e futuro: cause, contesti, prospettive

  • Francesco Grande


In this paper we examine the phenomenon of Arabic diglossia, from its origin to future scenarios. Our research pays particular attention to the nature of this concept and to its definition. Special focus is also put on contextualization of the subject: linguistic data are crossed with archaeological, historical and sociological data and interpreted in an enlarged framework. The results of such an integrated approach leads to redefine the role of the elements involved in characterising Arabic as langue d’empire, strengthening the role of the pre-Arabic cultural heritage, and weakening the role of Arabic society. Vice versa, in the process of pidginization of Arabic the role of the second should be strengthened to the disadvantage of the former. Another consequence of this approach is to shed new light on the scope and limits of concepts such as ECA, MSA and to make some predictions about them.


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