The collapse of social capital: A lesson from Madura, Indonesia

  • Khoirul Rosyadi Trunojoyo University
  • Agustinus Gergorius Raja Dasion Trunojoyo University
  • Ahmad Arsyadmunir Trunojoyo University


This qualitative research tried to look at the failure of the smallholder sugarcane development in Madura. To understand this issue, the approach used was social capital analysis by looking at trust as an important factor. The objective of this research was to understand and explore why the sugarcane development failed in Madura. This research used a qualitative method with a case study approach. The informants were recruited from three regencies in Madura: Bangkalan, Sampang, and Pamekasan) using purposive sampling. The results showed that the failure of the sugarcane development in Madura was due to distrust of farmers and investors as the two actors of sugarcane farming. This distrust arose as they were suspicious of one another and there was no honesty among them. Thus, trust as social capital is needed to develop a sugarcane business in Madura.


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Author Biographies

Khoirul Rosyadi, Trunojoyo University

Khoirul Rosyadi is a sociologist and lecturer at the Department of Sociology, Trunojoyo University, University. He graduated Ph.D. from People Friendship University, Moscow, Russia. He teaches several courses include Economic Sociology, Social Capital and Civil Society, Philosophy, Environmental Sociology, Corruption Sociology, Cultural Sociology, and Industrial Sociology.

He can be contacted at:

Agustinus Gergorius Raja Dasion, Trunojoyo University

Agustinus Gergorius Raja Dasion holds a PhD in Sociology from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He works at the Department of Sociology in Trunojoyo University, Indonesia. He is a researcher of Local Community of East Indonesia. His research interests include local politics, local knowledge, local ecology, and marine tradition of East Indonesia and has taken part in many academic conferences regarding local community struggle.

He can be contacted at:

Ahmad Arsyadmunir, Trunojoyo University

Ahmad Arsyadmunir, PhD, is as a lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture, Agrotechnology Study Program, Trunojoyo University, Indonesia. He actively conducts research related to agricultural culture in Madura.

He can be contacted at: