From loafing to dignity: The mise en scène of Guo Shixing‘s play Go Home directed by Lin Zhaohua

  • Barbara Leonesi University of Turin


Guo Shixing is considered one of the most interesting playwrights in contemporary China. In his production, an important role is played by his two trilogies, the Loafers (1990s) trilogy and the Dignity (2000s) trilogy. After briefly analysing commonalities and differences between the two trilogies, this essay focuses on an analysis of the text and the mise en scène of the third play in the Dignity trilogy, Go Home. The essay will show that this play can be seen as a sort of point of arrival for Guo Shixing’s creative writing, concentrating the distinctive features that have marked his production from the beginning. In particular, the study will reflect on the close link between theatre and society, and on the function of dramaturgical writing as a mirror and at the same time a criticism of contemporary society.


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Author Biography

Barbara Leonesi, University of Turin

Barbara Leonesi is Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Turin, where she teaches modern and contemporary Chinese literature and Chinese language. She has published articles on the translation and reception of Italian literature in China, particularly poetry and drama, and on the theory of translation from Chinese to Western languages. Her current research mainly focuses on the translation and reception of literary texts in the target language society, on translation theories applied to drama, and on contemporary Chinese literature, with a focus on theatre.

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