Offensive language in Chinese Buddhic discipline texts: The anectodal preambles to the precepts

  • Paolo Villani University of Catania


Chinese Buddhic writings condemn verbal abuse since their very beginning, but it is the translations of Indic works about vinaya that offer a systematic discussion of the topic. The juxtaposition of passages of various monastic discipline texts shows slight yet not unimportant differences concerning both the worrisome details causing the Buddha to dictate the precepts as well as the parables the Buddha resorts to in founding the censure of offensive language.


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Author Biography

Paolo Villani, University of Catania

Paolo Villani is Associate Professor of Japanese Language and Literature at the University of Catania, Department of Humanities.

His research interests include Japanese mythology in comparative perspective, Japanese nativist philology and philosophy, Chinese variolation in Japan, the works and life of Akutagawa Ryƫnosuke (1892-1927), and offensive language in East Asia.

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