Sociocultural Constructions of Sexuality in South Asia

  • Daniele Cuneo Leiden University
Keywords: sexuality, power, South Asia


This short introduction focuses on the historical and constructed nature of sexuality, on the normative aspects of the discourses that develop around it, as well as on its inevitable entanglements with issues of societal control, power relations, and violence. It aims to show how the papers in the present panel converge in highlighting the multifaceted and polymorphic role of various South Asian discourses on sexuality in their attempted ‘construction’ of a normed individual as the basic building block of the society envisioned by the authors of those very discourses.


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Author Biography

Daniele Cuneo, Leiden University
After obtaining his Ph.D. from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” on Indian aesthetic theories, Daniele Cuneo worked at the Vienna University on Sanskrit Logic and at the Cambridge University in a project on Manuscript Studies. His main areas of expertise are Sanskrit philosophy of language and aesthetic thought, but his research branches out into epistemological and metaphysical disputes among Brahmins, Buddhists and Jains as well as their possible bearing on contemporary philosophical questions. He is the current Lecturer of Sanskrit and Ancient Culture of South Asia at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Visit his academia page for a compete list of publications.
Sociocultural Constructions of Sexuality in South Asia