“Le spose della città non leggono i giornali" (Nagarvadhueṁ akhbār nahīṁ paḍhtīṁ)

  • Edoardo Elia Avio independent scholar


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Author Biography

Edoardo Elia Avio, independent scholar

Edoardo Elia Avio, Ph.D, is a researcher in spatial, historical and ritual aspects of prostitution in contemporary Banaras, India. His research interests focus on the study of sex work in the “holy city”, through long-period ethnographic field work and an analysis of the Hindi literature and newspapers. He has been lecturer of Italian Language at the University of Delhi. In Italy, he works as translator and interpreter for refugees and asylum seekers in governmental and community-based projects. He has cooperated with Italian magazines (Q-Code) and academic publishers (Oxford TGHS, American Behavioural Scientist, Jouvence, Edizioni Quasar, EHESS publications).

Edoardo can be contacted at: edoardoeliaavio@gmail.com

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