Surface and Deep Parody: The Case of Middle Comedy


Athina Papachrysostomou


The present study adopts an interdisciplinary approach towards the interpretation of Greek comedy, by using the recently established psychological model of “surface and deep parody” for the analysis of comic satire. According to this psychological model (where ‘parody’ is meant as ‘satire’), “surface parody” is defined as “simple distortion of reality by exaggeration”, whereas “deep parody” consists of a “re-categorization of the target”. In the present analysis this psychological pattern is applied mutatis mutandis to Middle Comedy fragments, with reference to the parody exercised against politicians, philosophers, hetairai, and fishmongers. The ensuing results are considered (i) under the light of a germane study regarding the application of the same psychological model in Aristophanic comedy, and (ii) with reference to the reality of fourth century Athens.


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Papachrysostomou, A. (2022). Surface and Deep Parody: The Case of Middle Comedy. Frammenti Sulla Scena (online), 2, 241-274.
THE FORGOTTEN THEATRE. Atti del terzo convegno internazionale sul dramma frammentario antico (Università degli Studi di Torino, 26-29 novembre 2019) [a cura di Francesco Paolo Bianchi, Mattia De Poli, Andrea Giannotti]