Bitcoin-Blockchain Phenomenon: An Investigation on News Titles Influence

  • Christian Rainero Unito
  • Giuseppe Modarelli Unito
Keywords: Bitcoin-Blockchain, Media Influence, Scarcity, Persuasion, Decision Making


The research purposed would explain, not the bitcoin-blockchain (BTC-BC) phenomenon per se, considering a good level of knowledge on the themes, but focusing the attention on two implicit connotations that these “disruptive technologies” involve. The investigation conducted by the authors considers a sentiment analysis on news titles influence during the period 2015-2018 supported by a field analysis. That approach based on framing activity would intersect different study areas from innovation, economics, psychology, behavioral analysis, marketing and decision-making. Innovations should be studied under different aspects considering their probable wide range impacts on several fields. The exploratory approach to investigate something new would be interesting and useful to open windows of discussion and interpretation. The research focuses the two main factors of marketing strategies: scarcity and persuasion. The aim would be to validate these concepts in BTC-BC phenomenon as a kind of implicit marketing strategy.

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Rainero, C., & Modarelli, G. (2020). Bitcoin-Blockchain Phenomenon: An Investigation on News Titles Influence. European Journal of Islamic Finance.