The Ciceronian Book and its Influence: A Statistical Approach

  • Justin Stover, JS All Souls College, Oxford


The length of books in the era of the bookroll has never received more than sporadic attention. Using electronic counting methods, this study constructs statistical models of the Ciceronian book in three different genres, rhetoric, philosophy, and epistolography, and argues that Cicero’s literary production marks an inflection point in the development of the Roman literary book, and whose book-model would influence literary production down to the age of Apuleius and Gellius.


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Author Biography

Justin Stover, JS, All Souls College, Oxford

Dr Justin Stover is Senior Lecturer in Medieval Latin and Palaeography at the University of Edinburgh and a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. He has published widely on ancient Latin philosophy, late-ancient historiography, post-Virgilian bucolic, Medieval Latin literature, the manuscript transmission of Latin texts, and on computational approaches to Latin literature. He is currently editing for Oxford University Press the Oxford
Guide to the Transmission of the Latin Classics.

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Stover, J. (2021). The Ciceronian Book and its Influence: A Statistical Approach. Ciceroniana On Line, 5(2), 263-283.