Traductions et reconstructions historiques à l'épreuve du temps: un regard sur le Royaume de Naples Une discussion avec André Tiran

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Giovanni Muto
Simona Pisanelli
André Tiran


In 2020 André Tiran edited the translation of the Bref traité sur la richesse des royaumes précédé des 1er et 2e discours sur le change by Marc'Antonio de Santis (1605) and published the volume Le Royaume de Naples (1580-1620). Économie, Monnaie et Finance à l’époque d’Antonio Serra, for Classiques Garnier (2020). We present here the dialogue between André Tiran, Simona Pisanelli (both historians of economic thought) and Giovanni Muto (historian of the modern epoch and specialist in the history of the Mezzogiorno), which took place at the University of Turin on 4 October 2021. The authors emphasise the importance of an interdisciplinary approach, both for the faithful translation of classical texts, which must overcome the obstacle made by a vocabulary that has changed, and for the reconstruction of the economic and financial system of the Kingdom of Naples. The three specialists also consider it essential to include the cultural, political, and social dimension in studies of economic issues.

English title: Translations and Historical Reconstructions Put to the Test of Time: a Look at the Kingdom of Naples; A Discussion with André Tiran

Keywords: Antonio Serra, Marc'Antonio de Santis, Kingdom of Naples, History of Monetary and Banking Systems, Translation Theory and Practices


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