La géographie, instrument de maîtrise de l'espace, savoir d'Etat dans les encyclopédies et les dictionnaires des Lumières

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Christian Bruschi


Geography is a booming science in the 18th century. It is not in essence a kind of State Knowledge, unlike law and political science. However, without the State, its purpose and its development would not have been the same. The encyclopedias and dictionaries of the Enlightenment devote an important place to it and highlight the close relationship of geography and the State. The State plays a major role in the organization of geography, as it provides it with a purpose by putting it at its own service. Encyclopedias and dictionaries are won over to the idea that this purpose promotes the progress of geography. Geography is thus perceived as a kind of State Knowledge, without this harming it as a science.

English title: Geography, a Tool for Mastering Space and as a State Knowledge in Enlightenment Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Keywords: History of Geography, History of French Encyclopedism, History of Maps, History of Academies, History of Borders



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