Le royaume de Piémont-Sardaigne dans les dictionnaires et les encyclopédies en langue française du XVIIIᵉ siècle.

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Eric Gasparini


The 18th century constitutes for the States of the House of Savoy a period of improvement under the government of enlightened princes. They arouse the interest of the authors of encyclopedias and dictionaries in France owing to the concern to establish a modern geopolitics of Europe for the enlightened opinion. French publicists insist on the influence of the court of France on Piedmontese institutions, and welcome certain innovations such as the cadastre and the tax system. However, Piedmont-Sardinia does not constitute a political model for the French in the same way as England, but it rather offers the example of a well-regulated

English title: The Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia in French-language Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias of the 18th Century

Keywords: History of Piedmont, Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, History of French Encyclopedism, Enlightened Opinion, Eighteenth-Century State Doctrines


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