Christiaan Huygens' ‘Verisimilia de planetis’ and its Relevance for Interpreting the ‘Cosmotheoros’ With its First English Translation

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The article focuses on Verisimilia de planetis (1690), which is considered one of the main preparatory drafts of the posthumous Cosmotheoros (1698). The analysis of the most relevant examples of Huygens’ intellectual vocabulary intends to show not only Huygens’ reuse and hybridization of concepts and terms belonging to his wider scientific production, thus highlighting their diachronic and coherent evo- lution in a multilingual perspective, but also his implicit philosophical structures due to mutual exchanges with the philosophical thought of some of his contemporaries. As a result, this terminological analysis is the backbone underpinning the first English translation of Verisimilia de planetis.

Keywords: Hybridisation of Theories, Natural Theology, Plurality of Worlds, Plausibility, Reasoning by Analogy, Imagined Experiences


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