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The JIHI has begun its ninth year of publications and it is now ten years since we started the project of the Journal in the Spring of 2010. It is still hosted by the University of Turin, and can be reached there through the address http://www.jihi.eu, but since August 1st 2020 it is also being hosted in OpenEdition’s Journals platform: https://journals.openedition.org/jihi/.

During the first 8 years we have published 70 articles, among which 15 methodological research reports and discussions. We have launched three CFPs (on ‘Erasmian science’, ‘Gastronomy and Revolution’, ‘Philosophy and Geography’), and dedicated two other issues to monographic themes (‘Luther, la Reforme, la modernité’, ‘Representation of Natural Entities’). During the last two years we have been consistently publishing contributions on ‘digital scholarship’ in intellectual history and the history of ideas, especially in the history of philosophy.

We have been accepted in the DOAJ and ERIH PLUS directories, have initiated the process for being indexed by Scopus, and have recently been evaluated by the Italian Research Evaluation Agency with positive results (‘recognized scientific journal’ in the areas of the Historical and Social Sciences, ‘top-tier journal’ for Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary History, and for the History of Philosophy). Although we have strong reservations concerning the Italian evaluation exercise, we appreciate their appreciation.

We hope that you as well may appreciate the work done in the Journal. We have recently built a new editorial staff, with scholars from a more diverse disciplinary background, age and position, and we are widening our network of collaborators around the world. Thus, if you want, consider the possibility to get more involved with the Journal of Interdisciplinary History of Ideas.

On another note, we have recently launched another CFP, a rather short-term one: ‘Epidemics and Regulations in the History of Ideas and Intellectual History’. The call is mainly centered on the intersection of law history and history of medicine (with strong connections to the history of moral thought, as well as to the history of political thought and institutions), but we are open to other approaches to the historical crossing of disciplines. The CFP can be found through the JIHI site or directly at https://zenodo.org/record/3785392.

We count on your interest and support.



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